Sustainable Gift Guide for Generous Holiday Hosts

Sustainable Gift Guide for Generous Holiday Hosts

November 15, 2021

Leave the kitchens of your generous holiday hosts better stocked than you found them with these eco-friendly tools and treats.

1. We think our new Generous Kitchen Towels make a lovely host or hostess gift! You can line a basket with it and tuck a few edibles along with one or two of the other useful things pictured here and take it along wherever your holiday plans will take you this season. 

2. You can find these beautiful teak serving spoons at the wonderful Heartell stockist Virtu (in Chicago or online) or at

3. Cheese is usually a welcome addition to any holiday gathering, unless you have a vegan or two in the crowd. My brother and his family are vegan so I was excited to find this small batch vegan cheese made in San Francisco. They make brie, havarti, gouda, even queso! If you're in SF you can find it at one of our favorite wholesale partners, Other Avenues Coop, or online at

4. I use these eco-friendly cutting boards in my own kitchen and I love how they have rubber stoppers on them to keep them from slipping that you can REMOVE for washing and disinfecting. Made from paper composite by a Wisconsin company that got its start making skateboard ramps! Lots of options at

5. Our letterpress printed Thank You For Hosting Card (printed one at a time on antique equipment with hand-carved woodblocks!) has been one of our most popular this season. You can find it as a single card or box of six here and see more thanksgiving cards and gifts here!

6. Enamel always reminds me of my grammie, and I even have a bowl that belonged to her! If you're in the mood to invest you can buy a beautiful set of Falcon prep bowls and many other enamelware pieces from an incredible art gallery and shop in New Hampshire called Nahcotta (they also happen to stock Heartell cards ;). Or purchase online from the 100+ year old British company online here.

7. American Spoon makes jam, salsa, nut butters, spoon fruit and all kinds of other tasty toppings and condiments in Michigan. They make them in small-batch copper kettles using local fruit. Yes please! If you are lucky enough to live near Sausalito, CA you can shop for American Spoon products at the amazing Driver's Market, or order from American Spoon directly online. 

8. I used to hate how many plastic bottles we threw out every time we needed a resupply of foaming soap or laundry detergent (also I hated how often we ran out of that kind of stuff, thanks Covid!). I started ordering from the B-Corp Certified company Blueland and once you purchase their starter kits, the refill tablets and powders come in small, recyclable paper packets. They are inexpensive to stock up on and easy to store. My toddler loves helping me "make soap" and popping the laundry tablets in the machine is exclusively his job (don't you dare try to do it for him!).

9. I ordered a bunch of reusable sandwich bags, bowl covers and food wraps from the Eugene, Oregon-based company Marley's Monsters and we generate a lot less trash from packing lunches and saving leftovers now. Lots of colors and patterns and types of things to choose from at

Thanks for reading and happy shopping friends!