February Card Writing Project

February Card Writing Project

February 01, 2023

This is the post I intended for the beginning of January, but 2023 had other plans for me. I’ll spare you the details because despite the ingredients list (missed flights, a whole family’s worth of positive covid tests, epic snowstorms), the stew of misadventures that was January inspired a revelation and helped me set the tone for what I think is going to be a great year.

Here it is: do the most important things first.

Painfully obvious I know, but somehow it has taken me a long time to really absorb this most profound life lesson. There’s nothing like having all your plans turned upside down to make you think hard about what really needs doing.

The question I have found myself asking over and over is this: is the juice worth the squeeze?

It turns out there’s a lot I’ve been doing, both at home and at work, that isn’t getting me closer to living the kind of life I want and being the kind of artist, mother, employer, friend, daughter, sister I want to be.

So I’ve been trying a new approach, and even though I’ve had one of the most chaotic months I can remember, I finally managed to establish a new habit I’ve been trying to adopt for my whole adult life: sending one card a day in the mail to someone I care about.

Here’s how: I do it first.  

When I get to my office, it’s the first thing I do. It’s that simple. It takes five minutes.

I’ve made it easier for myself by keeping a running list of people I want to write to and picking out some cards ahead of time that I keep in a pile. 

But the reason it is working is that I don’t let myself get distracted by the million other things that are on my to-do list. I just do it. Because it is such a simple way to do the thing that is most important to me: connecting with and supporting the people who give my life meaning.  

So this month, I want to invite you to join me and participate in our February Card Writing Project. Send one card a day for 20 days (I only do this on weekdays - weekends are a zoo at my house) and we’ll send you a free art print at the end of the month! 








Use this tracker to keep a record of your correspondence (you can download it as a photo on your phone and use the editing tool to draw an x over one of the boxes each time you send a card).

You don’t have to send Heartell cards to participate, but if you need to stock up, we have a brand-new discontinued card section on our website where you can find over 100 of our greeting card designs that won’t be printed again once they sell out (beloved all but sadly not quite “worth the squeeze” for our mostly-wholesale business).

If you decide to participate, I’d love for you to post photos of the cards you send and use the hashtag #onecardaday so I’ll see them! After you complete the project you can send us a screenshot using this link of your tracker and we'll send you your free art print!

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