Screen Printed Red Strawberries Generous Kitchen Towel

$ 20.00

If you try to enjoy a rich and varied diet without stains, you’re setting yourself up for more mealtime woes than wows. This vivid Generous Kitchen Towel will let you focus on sharing life’s greatest pleasures (like a pail overflowing with freshly picked strawberries) with the people you love, instead of stressing over spilled juice.

Ample proportions and absorbent cotton dyed and printed with safe, eco-friendly processes make this big-hearted towel a thoughtful choice.

Absorbent double weight 100% cotton

Extra generous proportions (27” x 27”)

Dyed with non-toxic, GOTS-certified pigments

Screen printed with eco-friendly, phthalate-free inks 

100% recycled and recyclable packaging 

Designed and printed in the Midwest USA

Abundance is a state of mind that’s easier to cultivate when you have sustainable tools that let you focus on what’s important. Generous Kitchen Towels are as large as your appetite for great meals and as colorful as the people you share them with.

Care Instructions: 
Machine wash and dry